What is the Advancing Human Rights initiative?

With limited resources and immense challenges, now more than ever human rights grantmakers and advocates are asking critical questions about the human rights funding landscape: Where is the funding going? What are the gaps? Who is doing what?

The Advancing Human Rights  initiative was borne out of these questions. The initiative is led by Human Rights Funders Network and Foundation Center, in collaboration with Ariadne and Prospera, and is an effort to track the evolving state of global human rights grantmaking by collecting and analyzing grants data. The goal is to help human rights funders and advocates make more informed decisions, discover opportunities for collaboration, and be more effective in their work.

Since launching this initiative in 2010, we have developed a variety of tools to make the research findings accessible, including:

  • This website where visitors can deepen their understanding about the field of human rights philanthropy
  • A range of reports including annual analyses of the state of global funding and a look at funding trends over time
  • A funders-only map that lets donors view grants-level details and search at the intersection of issues they prioritize
  • A blog that brings the research to life by connecting the numbers to context