North America

Canada, United States

Issue Focus

Equality Rights and Freedom from Discrimination

$233,916,899 (31%)
2,277 Grants (36%)

Human Rights, General

$119,283,644 (16%)
805 Grants (13%)

Health and Well-being Rights

$89,030,729 (12%)
642 Grants (10%)

Population Focus

Economically Disadvantaged

$349,829,618 (47%)
2,775 Grants (44%)

Ethnic or Racial Minorities

$327,661,457 (44%)
2,657 Grants (42%)

Children & Youth

$128,967,205 (17%)
1,055 Grants (17%)

Population Focus includes funding explicitly targeted to benefit specific groups and only illustrates those accounting for the largest shares of grant dollars or grants. See Methodology for details on how regional focus and population focus were determined and limitations.

Sample Grants

  • The Oak Foundation gave to Womens Community Revitalization Project in USA to increase the availability of affordable housing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • The David and Lucile Packard Foundation gave to American Civil Liberties Union Foundation in the USA for the Reproductive Freedom Project's efforts to protect and expand access to abortion and advance comprehensive sex education.

Case Studies