North America

Canada, United States

Issue Focus

Equality Rights and Freedom from Discrimination

$240,182,520 (29%)
2,450 Grants (32%)

Sexual and Reproductive Rights

$90,577,709 (11%)
418 Grants (6%)

Health and Well-being Rights

$86,594,148 (11%)
632 Grants (8%)

Population Focus

Ethnic or Racial Minorities

$379,229,749 (46%)
3,208 Grants (42%)

Economically Disadvantaged

$374,761,000 (46%)
3,055 Grants (40%)

Women & Girls

$163,413,993 (20%)
1,337 Grants (18%)

Population Focus includes funding explicitly targeted to benefit specific groups and only illustrates those accounting for the largest shares of grant dollars or grants. See Methodology for details on how regional focus and population focus were determined and limitations.

Sample Grants

  • W. K. Kellogg Foundation gave to Demos: A Network for Ideas and Action in the USA to address barriers for people of color to ensure a racially just society through research, advocacy, and strategic communications.
  • The Oak Foundation supported the Center for Constitutional Rights in the USA to oppose abusive practices and ensure accountability for human rights violations occurring in the context of counter-terrorism efforts through strategic litigation, advocacy, and public mobilization.

Case Studies