North America

Canada, United States

Issue Focus

Health and Well-being Rights

$216,784,608 (18%)
820 Grants (11%)

Equality Rights and Freedom from Discrimination

$137,211,914 (11%)
1,320 Grants (18%)

Social and Cultural Rights

$114,430,448 (9%)
611 Grants (8%)

Population Focus

Children & Youth

$248,692,984 (20%)
1,425 Grants (20%)

Women & Girls

$216,315,470 (18%)
1,415 Grants (19%)

Migrants & Refugees

$165,146,381 (13%)
1,362 Grants (19%)

Population Focus includes funding explicitly targeted to benefit specific groups and only illustrates those accounting for the largest shares of grant dollars or grants. See Methodology for details on how regional focus and population focus were determined and limitations.

Strategy Focus

Advocacy, Systems Reform and Implementation

$498,285,413 (41%)
2,079 Grants (28%)

Capacity-building and Technical Assistance

$111,061,055 (9%)
748 Grants (10%)

Media and Technology

$104,353,335 (8%)
579 Grants (8%)

Figures represent only grants that could be identified as supporting a specific strategy. In addition, grants may employ multiple strategies and would therefore be counted in more than one category.

Sample Grants

  • Omidyar Network Fund gave a general support grant to Sunlight Foundation in the USA for its work to make government transparent and accountable through data, tools, policy and journalism.
  • The California Endowment supported PolicyLink in the USA for advocacy, coalition-building, and technical assistance to advance policies that create healthy neighborhood environments and improve the health of boys and men of color in California.

Case Studies