Foundation Funding by Region

Asia & Pacific

$12,216,404 (14%)
294 Grants (21%)


$371,540 (0%)
4 Grants (0%)

Eastern Europe, Central Asia, & Russia

$769,890 (1%)
10 Grants (1%)

Global Programs

$12,365,797 (14%)
69 Grants (5%)

Latin America & Mexico

$21,993,461 (24%)
566 Grants (40%)

Middle East & North Africa

$370,512 (0%)
6 Grants (0%)

North America

$35,330,484 (39%)
341 Grants (24%)

Sub-Saharan Africa

$10,235,458 (11%)
153 Grants (11%)

Western Europe

$2,139,326 (2%)
14 Grants (1%)

Region totals include both foundation grants directly to recipients based in the region specified and foundation grants to recipients located in other regions to do work benefiting the region specified. Grants may mention more than one region of benefit and therefore be counted in more than one category.

Foundation Funding by Issue

Issue totals include foundation funding that could be identified as meant to address a specific issue. In order to provide unique totals and avoid double-counting, each foundation grant has been assigned to exactly one issue category within the human rights taxonomy.

Foundation Funding by Intersecting Populations

In order to show the intersections of multiple population groups, these graphics indicate other population groups supported within funding towards the group highlighted on this page.

Foundation Funding by Strategy

Strategy totals include foundation funding that could be identified as supporting a specific strategy. Grants may employ multiple strategies and would therefore be counted in more than one category.

Sample Grants

  • Global Greengrants Fund, in partnership with the Samdhana Institute
    Nagkakaisang mga Tribu ng Palawan (NATRIPAL) (Philippines)
    To ensure that the Tagbanua, Pala'wan, and Bataks peoples are recognized as important communities within society whose concerns are represented, and that they are partners in local sustainable development, climate change adaption planning, and post-disaster recovery.
  • NoVo Foundation
    Worldwide Indigenous Science Network (United States)
    To cultivate exchanges of traditional wisdom of Earth-honoring peoples to amplify their voices and recognize their knowledge.