Share of foundation
human rights funding

$110.3 Million out of
$1.8 Billion for all rights
1,153 Grants

Top Foundation Funders

  1. Comic Relief UK $19.2 M
  2. The Atlantic Philanthropies $16.7 M
  3. Open Society Foundations $9.1 M
  4. Esmee Fairbairn Foundation $7.1 M
  5. Trust for London $6.3 M
  6. The Oak Foundation $5.7 M
  7. The Sigrid Rausing Trust $4.8 M
  8. Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust $4.3 M
  9. Human Dignity Foundation $3.2 M
  10. Wikimedia Foundation $3.2 M
  11. The Henry Smith Charity $3.1 M
  12. Anonymous $2.6 M
  13. American Jewish World Service $2.5 M
  14. The Barrow Cadbury Trust $2.2 M
  15. Unbound Philanthropy $2.1 M
  16. Freedom House $1.4 M
  17. The Pilgrim Trust $1.4 M
  18. The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation $1.4 M
  19. Paul Hamlyn Foundation $1.3 M
  20. Nationale Postcode Loterij $1.3 M
  21. Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (UK) $1.2 M
  22. The Northern Rock Foundation $921.8 K
  23. A B Charitable Trust $697.3 K
  24. Bodossaki Foundation $517.4 K
  25. The Nduna Foundation $500.0 K
  26. M = Millions

Key Findings:
2012 Funding

Key Findings

Foundation Funding by Issue

Issue totals include foundation funding that could be identified as meant to address a specific issue. In order to provide unique totals and avoid double-counting, each foundation grant has been assigned to exactly one issue category within the human rights taxonomy.

Foundation Funding by Population

Population totals include foundation funding that could be identified as meant to benefit a specific group. Grants may serve multiple populations and would therefore be counted in more than one category.

Sample Grants

  • Atlantic Philanthropies
    Free Legal Advice Centres (Republic of Ireland)
    To improve access to justice for vulnerable people through advocating for policy reform and addressing unmet needs for legal advice.
  • Global Dialogue
    Equality and Diversity Forum (United Kingdom)
    To develop messaging to improve public attitudes toward human rights.