Funding at the Intersection of Governance and Sustainable Development to Achieve Human Rights

Bheki Moyo, TrustAfrica

While TrustAfrica does not identify its grantmaking as “human rights,” all of its work –grantmaking, convenings, technical assistance, knowledge generation and partnership building – focuses on the fundamental tenets of human dignity. The mission of TrustAfrica focuses exclusively on the intersection of political and economic governance of African resources and equitable development that is inclusive of human rights.

As part of this strategy, TrustAfrica supports, among others, the Third World Network (TWN), which focuses on trade, aid, and mining. One aspect of TWN’s focus is working with communities to better understand how mining can be a source of positive development rather than be exploitative. TWN has worked with mining companies, governments, and local communities to draft a code of conduct that governs questions of ownership, beneficiation (a post-extraction mining process), and development. This code has been integrated into the Africa Mining Vision that has been adopted by the African Union. This particular example demonstrates how funding at the intersection of governance and development using a human rights framework can affect change at the local, national, and international level.

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